Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 18, 2013
Day 1 on the CDT
U.S./Canada border to Cosley Lake
8.7 miles

I don't even know where to begin, so I guess the beginning would be the appropriate place...

I woke up on a train just west of Whitefish, met up with another CDT thruhiker hopeful (Sparrow), ate second breakfast, picked up ice axe from the post office, bought fuel for stove, hitched a ride partway to Two Medicine ranger station with a cute young Aisan, started walking along the road, got a second hitch the rest of the way to Two Medicine with a friendly Canadian couple, picked up a backcountry permit from a lovely lady park ranger, hitched a ride (#3) in a 1928 Model A convertible to the main highway and got offered a place to stay when hiking back through East Glacier, started walking up road, got a hitch (#4) from a man in a van, got dropped off in Babb, ate dinner at a cafe, hitched a ride (#5) from a gen-u-ine Indian cowboy (feathers not dots) to the border, hiked 8.7 glorious miles (majority in the rain amidst thunder and lightning, arrived at camp (Lake Cosley) ate some food, saw the rear of a black bear in camp, hung food on pole, went to set up tent but the reserved site was already taken, so set up in the trees nearby instead. 

And now it's 11pm, two hours past hiker midnight, so it's time to retire. Life is good. A little wet, but good. Only about 2991.3 miles to go! :)

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