Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013
North Fork Pinos River to just past The Knife
17 miles

Did I mention I'm tired of rain? Well take that sentiment and multiply it because today really takes the cake when it comes to rain. In fact, in all my years of hiking, this was the worst day I can remember. 

I woke up without an alarm at 5:30 and of course it was raining. I thought to myself, "no big deal, I'll just wait for it to stop." Nope. At 7am I could tell that the rain wasn't going anywhere, yet I needed to, so I packed up and set off regardless. Within a half mile I was back on the divide and the light rain that was falling down below was even worse up higher, and there was wind as well! Oh the joy. There were a few moments when I let out screams of frustration/anger/pain/sadness. The first time it happened I didn't even mean to, in fact I kind of startled myself when it happened. It was definitely cathartic and probably kept me from crying a time or two. I suffered through the 9.5 miles to Squaw Pass where I decided to take a break, set up my tent, and crawl in my sleeping bag to warm back up. I ended up staying there for three hours, seriously considering staying there the rest of the day, until the rain let up a bit and I got myself up and going once more at 2pm. 

After another 8 miles and a few more yells of frustration I again was cold, wet, and thoroughly demoralized so I set up my tent again to repeat the process, this time with no intention of getting up to hike again today. I had planned to be about 12 miles from Wolf Creek Pass tonight so I could get there with plenty of time to hitch a ride and enjoy the hot springs. Instead, I have another 35 miles to the pass, which, at the rate I managed today, will take me another two days. I am seriously hoping for a break in the weather tonight or tomorrow morning so I can get to the pass tomorrow night. Otherwise it is going to be a very long couple of days. And to think, I chose to be out here... What was I thinking. 

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