Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013
Road spur to just past Hopewell Lake 
36 miles

So again last night I had the pleasure of a two hour raging thunderstorm that kept me awake. I'm going to blame it on Colorado as a parting gift, something to remember Colorado by.  

The morning was again foggy, but after a couple hours it lifted and I enjoyed sunshine for most of the day! Dare I say it, but I think I may have literally weathered the storm and hopefully the weather of today is an indicator of the future. The hiking was pretty good today as well. Things already seem much more mellow than Colorado, which I can't say I'm upset about. 

It felt good to get in a solid day of hiking once again. I didn't end up getting to camp until the full moon had begun to rise from behind the trees. I am thoroughly spent after a short night's sleep and the long day if hiking, but with clear skies tonight I will hopefully get a full nights rest as well. 

Well done sun, keep up the good work!

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