Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013
Wolf Creek Pass to Just past Elwood Pass
18 miles

After some thunderstorms rolled through last night, the morning was calm and the sky overcast. I took my time getting ready, and even considered taking another zero day, but after 4 days in Pagosa Springs I just couldn't let myself do it. If I stayed any longer I might have never made it back to the trail. 

I checked out at 10:30 and hit the sidewalk to try getting a hitch. It only took about a half hour until a girl in a Subaru pulled up. Shannon rolled down the window and told me she thought I was someone else. Apparently I am the spitting image of one of her NOLS instructors from Alaska, and even though I wasn't who she thought I was she gave me a ride to the pass anyway. 

The first few miles were definitely a readjustment back to hiking. It amazing how fresh my legs felt after a few days off and also how strange it felt when I first started again. Of course the fact that I'm carrying 6.5 days of food probably had something to do with the readjustment. And as a welcome back present from Mother Nature I even had a nice little rain shower within the first hour. 

The trail followed the divide today and as the clouds parted in the afternoon I had some great views, including down the San Juan River back to Pagosa Springs. Around 6 just after getting to Elwood Pass it started to sprinkle and it looked like more on the way so I found a spot and set up for the night. Soon after getting situated the rain intensified and the lightning and thunder began. Despite the four days in town, I feel like I'm right where I left off weather-wise. Maybe it wouldn't have hurt to stay one more day in Pagosa... Oh well, too late now. I'll just hope it's a passing storm and in the morning it will be clear.  

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