Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013
Wilderness boundary to Wolf Creek Pass
3 miles

I was a bit restless last night, eager to get to town to dry everything out and soak in the hot springs. I slept in a bit and made it to the pass around 7:45. After 1.5 hours of sticking my thumb out I finally got a ride. The guy I got a ride with lived somewhere between Pagosa and Durango and was on his way back home from work. He works two weeks at a time in North Dakota (oil drilling I think) and then has two weeks off. Nice guy, definitely a country guy, but very nice. 

Once in town I made my way to the hot springs resort area and left my bag at the motel before heading to get some breakfast. The it was back to the motel and a dip in the hot springs. Amazing. It was sunny and there was a pool full of warm water, both things a sight for sore eyes. 

In the afternoon I walked up to the library to upload blog posts and pictures followed by taking care of my resupply shopping.  Then it was to Riff Raff Brewing for happy hour and sampling some of their delicious brews. Afterwards I spent the remainder of the night relaxing in my room. It's good to be warm and dry!

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