Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013
3 miles past Bull Spring to Rawlins
~26 miles

Another nice and early morning as I was on trail at 6am.  My goal was just to get to Rawlins in the afternoon early enough to to take care of some town chores so that I would sit back and relax in the evening.  The hiking itself was fairly flat and easy, but it was the first day in the basin where I saw zero clouds in the morning. As soon as the sun rose, it was with me all day without any shade until getting to Rawlins.  It didn't seem to be terribly hot, but just being in the sun for 9 hours is tiring.

I made it to Rawlins around 3pm with plenty of time to get order a pizza, pick up some beer and snacks at the local market, and get a hotel room, in that order.  after satisfying my hiker hunger I took a shower and got started on laundry.  After such a meal I was feeling pretty sleepy but managed to get myself up once more to go to the market to do some resupply shopping.  Then it was back to the room to lounge and stay up later than I should have rotting my brain by watching TV.  

After a fairly long stretch without a zero day I decided that tomorrow I will take a day to hang out and just let my legs rest.  Also helping me make that decision was the fact that I am waiting on a package at the PO that is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  Then back to the trail on Friday and on to Stemaboat Springs, CO! Hard to believe that Colorado is less than a week's hiking away.  Life is good.

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