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August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013
Bear Cub Pass to Togwotee Pass
7 miles

It was a brisk morning as I started on my way at 6:15 this morning. It must have been just below freezing because all the grass and brush was lightly frosted and my fingers were quite cold as well.

Just as I was passing Brooks Lakes Lodge, a man in a truck stopped and asked if I was hiking the CDT, to which I said yes, and then he informed me that the trail was behind me past Lower Brooks Lake, to which I agreed but also added that I was headed south, not north, and on my way to pick up a resupply box at Togwotee Lodge. He offered me a ride there, but I had to decline because I was still walking on the "trail" even though it happened to be road at the time.

It took about 45 minutes to get a hitch to the lodge, and I ended up getting a hitch in the back of a truck of an older couple from Arkansas of all places. Once at the lodge I proceeded to thoroughly enjoy the breakfast buffet, then got my boxes, took a shower, and did laundry. I also discovered that there was a computer available for use so I even got to upload some pictures! The staff were all very friendly and helpful even though I wasn't paying $239 a night for one of their cabins.

I ate lunch in the Red Fox Saloon and ended up hanging out there talking with the bartender and some other staff that were in there (both on and off duty), then Dumb and Dumber came on, so I stayed and had another beer and watched it, then I heard there was going to be some live music in the evening soooo... I ended up staying until 11, hanging out and listening to music. Just as I was about to take my leave to go set up my tent and crash on nearby National Forest land, one of the staff guys I met at the convenience store earlier in the day asked if I would like to sleep in his van instead of setting up my tent. (The staff all stay in a dorm building so he wasn't using it.) I quickly said yes and he showed me to the van. The icing on the cake I the day! Wish I could have stayed and hung out longer!


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