Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013
Grand Lake, CO to Near Lonesome Peak
20 miles

Per usual I had a hard time getting myself to leave town. The 10am checkout was my deadline so I started hiking then. The first miles of the day were nice and flat following the East side of Grand Lake, then Shadow Lake Reservoir, Columbine Bay, and then Grand Bay. It was kind f fun to see people in boats in the various lakes waterskiing, wake boarding, or just enjoying the nice day. Reminded me a little of going out on Oswego Lake with the Trumbulls. 

The part just after Grand Bay, up and over Knight Ridge, was a total nightmare. Downed trees everywhere along and across the "trail", although I would have been hard pressed to find the trail for a good portion of that mess. 

After getting through the worst of it, the hiking was pleasant once again as I dropped down toward the South end of Arapaho Bay. After a short road walk the trail found it's way along Monarch Lake before ascending the ridge to where I am camped tonight. 

How fitting that I am camped by Lonesome Peak tonight all by my self. Not that I am feeling lonely, but I certainly am alone. Nothing wrong with a little solitude.

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