Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 3, 2013
Ridge at 10k to Cub Creek Pass
~33 miles

Last night I went to sleep with the intention to get up early and get in some pretty big miles so I would only have a few to do in the morning to get to Togwotee Pass and then a 10 mile hitch to get to Togwotee Lodge where my food resupply box (and new shoes!) are being held. Things were generally on track as I made it to the trail by 6:30 and was making decent time the first couple hours. Then I ran into multiple NOBO hikers, who I stopped and talked to for a while. Let's just say it was good to get an early start this morning. First I ran into Pat Burglar, followed by Annie Mac, Green Flash, and Breeze. I hiked with Annie for about 500 miles of the PCT so it was good to sit and chat for a while with her and the other two guys. Not more than an hour later I then ran into Mama Moab, her husband (his trail name was some James Joyce character?), and their dog Utah. I had previously met Mama Moab and her son Jayhawk on the PCT when they had taken a break from hiking to do trail magic at Walker Pass. Overall it was great to see everyone and talk with so many people today, it just made getting miles in today a little more of a challenge. 

The scenery today has been pretty cool at times. There have been more jagged-y looking mountain peaks seeming to get closer and it is whetting my appetite for the upcoming section in the Winds. The only thing about the next section I am not looking forward to is carrying 7 days of food. 

Tomorrow I plan to take nice and easy. Only 7 miles to the road, hopefully make the all you can eat (AYCE) breakfast at the lodge, then take a shower and sit in the hot tub while also doing some laundry. After all that glorious town-ish stuff, I hope to make it back up to the pass to do 3-5 more miles and get into to Winds the following day!


  1. Hey, Alex. I just finished reading the last 6 posts... have been following you the whole way, but usually on my ipad which for some reason won't allow a comment to be posted. Instead, you're interfering with a work day (actually, it's all me, of course) and I'm at my computer, wanderlusting, daydreaming, enjoying your journey. Aunt Bonnie and I want to send you anything you're craving that you're not getting, or, we can buy you a meal (and a couple of nice cold beers) in the right location... just give us a head's up. Understand your questioning of the trip, but what would I do for reading? Keep going! We know you can! Love, Uncle Jim

  2. Thanks Uncle Jim, I can't say I'm all that sorry to interfere with work though! I appreciate the offer for food/beer, perhaps some sushi at Kurata when this whole adventure is over?