Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013
Grays Peak TH to just off the divide 6 miles North of Georgia Pass
22 miles

Today started off awesome. Beautiful blue sky, a fourteener waiting to be climbed, and fresh legs after a good nights sleep. The climb certainly wasn't easy but man was it worth it. I met another guy at the top from Portland East (Maine). He was out seeing some sights and showing his buddies around, but apparently they all bailed on the climb the night before, afraid of the altitude. 

I thought Grays Peak was going to be the hard part of the day. Boy was I wrong. The ridge/saddle between Grays Peak and Mt Edwards turned out to be harder than climbing Grays. Then there was a nice ridge walk before dropping down from Argentine Pass to a valley, where I was able to get more water, then a short downhill before heading back up to the divide for another 14+ miles along the divide until hitting Georgia Pass and descending to a valley once again. My legs were definitely feeling the mornings climb(s) as the uphill to the divide was trying. Once back on the divide, I wasn't. Turned out I took a wrong turn and ended up about 1/2 mile from where I should have been. After getting back on track it was more up to over 13,000 again and rolling ups and downs along the divide. It was exhausting. 

After a few more miles, and really wanting to get to Georgia Pass and off the divide, it turns out the weather had other plans for me. Around 4:30 there was thunder overhead and a bit of rain starting so I decided it was time to find a relatively low spot (not directly on the divide) and wait out the storm. Boy am I glad I set up my tent. There was lightning as close as 3 seconds away (.6 miles) and it has been hovering about 1 mile from me since. It is now 5:45 and still raining so I think I'm going to just call it a day and get an early start tomorrow. Colorado weather be crazy. It leaves me with 26 miles to get to the road where there is a bus I can catch into Breckenridge. It's going to be a bit right on fuel (food) but I should make it just fine. I see a large pizza, giant salad, and tub of ice cream in my future. At least for my first town meal :)

Haiku for Colorado:
So you have a plan?
Lightning flash, thunder crashes.
Better luck next time!

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