Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 11, 2013

Just south of Pipestone Pass to Rocky Ridge TH
~28 miles

After getting to camp late last night, cooking dinner, and journaling, I didn't get to sleep until after 11, which for a hiker is very late, and as I get older seems to be getting later in the civilized world as well, but I digress. As a result I slept in later than usual on trail and didn't start hiking until 7. 

The morning miles were delightful ups and downs through the trees and along the ridge under an overcast sky, and flew by rather quickly. At one point along the way the wind breezed through the trees bringing the wonderful smell of fresh pine to my nose. Earthy, sweet, and clean, it reminded me of other smells I have noticed along the trail thus far. One of the best and most memorable moments came when walking through a sunny section lined with multiple wild rose bushes on either side. The warmth of the day brought out the feminine floral aroma and I breathed in as deeply as possible while walking by. It was like a little bit of perfume had been wafted over the trail, overpowering any other scent I might have been emitting. That being said I have also come across some rather malodorous sections as well, including all manner of poop (mostly cow and horse) and the scent of my feet/shoes when I take my shoes and socks off at the end if the day. Ripe, yikes. 

After the nice morning trail section, Sparrow and I took a siesta and played cards for an hour or so. The mileage today was relatively easy. The hiking day ended with a road walk to a trailhead where the road walk will continue in the morning. With only 25 miles per day planned, and the long hours of daylight, getting the requisite mileage was easy today, and hopefully it will not be a challenge for the remaining days of this section. Here's hoping for some cool mountains tomorrow!

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