Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013
Unnamed Spring to Bannock Pass
18 miles

With no timeframe on getting to the pass for a ride today I decided to take the morning a little slower and for the first time since Glacier NP actually made hot coffee with a Starbucks Via packet to go with my cold granola. Ahh the little things in life. As such, Sparrow ended up leaving camp about 15 minutes before me. 

The hiking today was pretty straightforward. The first section meandered along an old jeep road through open meadowy areas and trees sections. The open areas were magnificent and the views to the west were especially nice. 

There was one tricky navigational area where the road took a sharp left, to the north, while the "trail" continued east. There was a cairn marking the turn, but it seemed more like it was marking the turn in the road rather than the fact the trail changes roads. It was one of those moments where my trail sense kicked in letting me know that things didn't seem right, so I took a look at the map, then verified it with the GPS, before continuing east along the divide. I tend to glance at the maps fairly frequently throughout the day to get a general sense of which way the trail is supposed to go, and to match the ups and downs on the ground with the topo lines on the map. Later as Sparrow rolled in to Bannock Pass 5 minutes behind me I found out he had also missed the junction, but went about 5 minutes the wrong direction before realizing his mistake and checking the GPS. Gotta love the CDT. 

After almost an hour and seeing only 4 cars drive by, I stuck out my thumb as a semi truck (without the trailer) rumbled up the pass, not expecting it to stop, but it did! I had actually started to boil some water for couscous, but had to interrupt my lunch plans because we got a ride! (Much earlier than i expected too.) The driver, Wes, let Sparrow and I attach out bags via bungee cord to the truck behind the cab, while Sparrow and I squeezed side by side into the passenger seat. It was a cozy ride 14 miles down the pass to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it town of Leadore, Idaho - population 105. Once there it was to the PO to pick up food resupply boxes, then to the restaurant for a salad and burger with fries, and finally to the Leadore Inn to get cleaned up. The rest of the day was spent washing clothes and hanging out at the inn while enjoying the beer of "town". 

Check your maps good sir
Ere you lose yourself out here
Is that not the point?

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