Monday, July 22, 2013

July 19, 2013
Nez Perce Camp to Lena Lake
31.7 miles

It felt great to be back up in the mountains just shy of 8000' last night because the temperatures were much more pleasant for sleeping, but still pretty darn warm. One of the more unfortunate parts about the warm nighttime temps is that the mosquitos seem to enjoy them as well. They were up and buzzing and biting before I was. 

The hiking today was pretty tough. A lot of steep up and downs, but the bright side is there are once again lakes at which to take breaks (unfortunately the mosquitos also like hanging out at lakes). The good/bad thing about mosquitos is they speed up the breaks and get me back to hiking more quickly than might otherwise happen, which is not necessarily a bad thing most of the time. That being said, I am eagerly anticipating a night below freezing to kill the little buggers off. 

Tonight I am camped with Sparrow at Lena Lake. The name of the lake brings back great memories of a backpacking trip I took with some friends on the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago. So here's to Fatty, Claw, Kyle, and Chauncy. 

Loudly buzzing bugs
Singing me to sleep tonight
Better than horn honks  

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