Monday, July 22, 2013

July 20, 2013
Lena Lake to small lake 4 miles North of Goldstone Pass
30 miles

The day started off the same way the previous ended: buzzing mosquitos outside my tent. After that though, it was a pretty good day. 

My legs were a bit tired from the 32 miles the day before, but after some snacks and a few miles they were back to feeling like new again. It's like John Muir says, it's hard not to be rejuvenated by the endless mountain views at the top of every climb. My legs just continue on carrying me down, then back up, and just when the fatigue starts to get to me another amazing vista comes into my sights, refreshing my legs once again. 

Listening to John Muir's "Steep Trails" occasionally over the past couple days has been quite nice. Although it would have been better suited to listen to along the PCT, I still find it enticing to hear him describe the places I have been, and picture them in my mind during the tree lined sections of trail that offer no views. Most recently I heard him talk of Mt Shasta, reminding me that I still need to climb and ski the mountain in the future, perhaps next spring. 

I hiked mostly alone today, only seeing and speaking with Sparrow a few times throughout the day. I know in the past I have mentioned how lonely it was to hike alone, but I am leaning towards hiking alone for the next section. I am finding it more enjoyable to be by myself lately and it seems to me that spending a few days alone by choice may not be such a terrible experience. There are also a few things about Sparrow that bother me and after hiking many miles together I can say he is not a good match for me as a hiking partner. Fun to hang out with in town, just not every night on trail. 

Tomorrow it looks like its back up to the dry divide for the next 25+ miles. Should be interesting!

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