Friday, July 5, 2013

July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013
Day 15 - more rockin' and rollin'
Rogers Pass to a beautiful meadow on the divide
30.6 miles

They say that the CDTis the wild child of the three major American long distance hikes; I think it is the bastard love child of the two. It's longer than the PCT, with some sections of trail that are graded at just the right pitch to make the ups and downs feel like you're getting somewhere without straining too hard or hurting yourself. On the other hand it has AT like qualities like the climbs along the divide that just go straight up the side of the hill instead of utilizing switchbacks. I shudder to think how much longer the trail would be if it were all PCT grade. 

That said, today was still mostly along the divide, but it was like a little kid version of yesterday. There was more shaded forest walking and more gradual climbs and descents, especially the section between Flesher Pass and Stemple Pass. 

Overall it was a great day of hiking, even with the heat, and I hope to have a similar experience tomorrow! Tonight I am camped in a beautiful meadow with views to the east and west. 

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