Friday, July 5, 2013

June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013
Day 12 - Benchmark Wilderness Ranch
Camp Allan to Elbow Pass/Sun River trail junction
~17 (+5 bonus)

Got an early start to hiking today at 6am in order to get to Benchmark as soon as possible. Not because there is much to do there, but rather for the extra food I knew I had in my resupply box. I arrived at 9:45 and cooked up a nice big meal and then ate some more goodies, probably in the neighborhood of 2,000 calories total. It was delightful. 

There was also the first trail register I have yet seen, although apparently there were registers at the hostels in East Glacier. We (Huck, Bluefoot, Smiles, State Machine, Train, and myself) had a chance to see who was ahead of us, and as it turned out the only other people to sign the register were still at the ranch resting up in one of the cabins. 

By noon I was already itching to get back out on the trail, but just as I was putting my shoes back on, who should show up but Sparrow! He had quite the adventure over the past few days getting misplaced a few times and doing some extra miles due to those navigational errors. I had thought he was ahead somewhere, but regardless I'm glad he showed up in one piece. 

After catching up with Sparrow and waiting for a brief rain shower to pass I finally started on my way back to the trail around 3, and well before anyone else was ready to leave. My legs felt surprisingly fresh, kind of like I had taken a zero day! 

Now it's only about 120 miles (5 days) from where I'm camped to Highway 12 into Helena, and I'm hoping to spend the 4th of July there to partake in the festivities. Go America!

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