Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 7, 2013
Shoulder of Bison Mtn to meadow near the divide
~30 miles 

The weather the past two days has been absolutely fantastic. Cool, not cold, in the morning slowly increasing in temperature to peak around 75 or 80. Every now and again a cool breeze passes through, seemingly just when it's desired while climbing or at the top of a hill. It gets just warm enough in the afternoon that a slight sweat builds on the forehead when hiking uphill, without a waterfall of sweat pouring into the eyes. 

There were also a number of miles of newly constructed trail today, including some that is currently in the midst of construction. These sections are particularly nice because they feature a gradual grade, both uphill and down, as well as boasting more CDT trail markers than the entirety of Glacier NP. It certainly is reassuring to see the markers, but it seems to me they would be better served in areas where the trail is less distinct rather than having a marker with an arrow indicating the trail continues straight ahead when there aren't any other trails in the immediate vicinity. Oh well, at least the trail is clear some places!

Tonight I am camped in a beautiful west facing meadow and enjoying the sunset sans tent. It is the kind of night you wish they could all be like. So I'm going to get back to enjoying it. 

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