Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25, 2013
Creeklet to I-15
31.8 miles

What an amazing sunrise this morning! I was on trail by 6am just as the sky was being painted with light brushstrokes of pink, than orange, before the sun revealed itself in all its scorching glory. 

Within the first hour I also ran into more hikers than I have seen in one place in quite some time! First, there was Smiles, who I hadn't seen since Benchmark Wilderness Ranch, than Bert (another SOBO hiking with Smiles), and Mountain Rat who is a NOBO hiker. We communed briefly before we set off in our own directions at our own pace, and that was the last I have seen of hikers for the day. I was hoping there would be more NOBOs along the way to I-15, but no such luck. 

The first part of the day was relatively mellow hiking while the temps were still comfortable. By 10am it was already warming up, just in time for a nice 1000' climb from the lowlands back up to the divide where I would spend the remainder of the day. I also loaded up on water at Shineberger Creek before the final 20 miles because Peanut Eater had mentioned that I should. Turned out being a good decision in order to avoid searching for a spring later. Once on the divide it was a series of steep ups and downs along the ridge for miles. The views, as usual, were pretty spectacular. 

Eventually the ups waned and the downs continued until reaching a road, which I would follow for the remaining 7.8 miles. Just as I arrived at the road a large truck was driving by and ended up stopping. The window rolled down and they guy driving leaned across and asked how far I had hiked so far. With a sly grin I responded, "well I started at the Canadian border." The reaction being surprise, and then, "would you like some cold water?" I quickly said, "yes please." I didn't catch his name, but with him in the truck were his wife and two kids. As he reached back to get the water, he also offered up, "you want a sandwich?" I again said yes, and with a smile also added,  "I won't turn down any food or drink you offer." He then proceeded to hand me a sandwich, mandarin orange fruit cup, stick of string cheese, and a Capri Sun (can't remember the last time I had a Capri Sun). It was all delicious and fueled me through the last of the miles for the day. The most unexpectedly magical of trail magic and just when I needed a little pick me up. After that they headed up the road to go fishing and I continued my walkabout. Thank you whoever you are! Here's to trail magic!

It's not expected
Rather appears from thin air
The best of mankind

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