Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 6, 2013
MacDonald Pass to Shoulder of Bison Mtn
25.5 miles

After another wonderful night at the Smith's, watching TV, playing foosball, strumming the six string, and of course sleeping in a soft bed, Jon and Luanne's daughter Laura came over at 7 and made breakfast! After the delicious meal and some conversation, Laura gave Sparrow and me a ride up to the pass. 

We got started hiking around 8:45 and it felt good to be hiking again, especially through the shady forest where the trail wound its way south of the pass. It was a pretty easy day of hiking overall, the worst of it being a couple of road walk sections that were boring and hot. Nothing too extraordinary in regard to scenery, however the forested hiking at the end of the day was pretty cool. I believe it is a forest of closely spaced lodge pole pines, all about 4-8 inches in diameter, and no more than 40 feet tall. Beneath the pines the forest floor is covered with a blanket of the bright green mountain huckleberry plants. And to top things off, just as I was getting into my tent I could hear the distinct melodic sound of bugling elk in close proximity. It's good to be back home on the trail :)

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